Sleepyhead Estate

A $1.2 billion industrial manufacturing and achievable housing development at Ohinewai, in North Waikato.
A well connected mixed-use community, bringing together the social, cultural and working aspects of life to improve wellbeing for all

Hectares of Land

Sleepyhead estate consists of 176 hectares of marginal rural land which will be remediated and transformed into a mixed use community.


New Jobs

Sleepyhead estate will create in excess of 2600 new jobs for the local community.


Invested in District

Investment in infrastructure, construction of industrial outlet stores and homes, and development of open space and streets will pump 1 billion dollars of investment into the local district.


New Homes

A mixture of free standing and attached homes will offer a diverse range of housing choices at a range of affordability levels.

AMBY masterplan


Sleepyhead Estate will be a catalyst for the reinvigoration of the district, providing stable jobs and quality, achievable homes.
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