Over 55 hectares of public open space will be created as part of the Sleepyhead Estate project. There will be a combination of larger regional type parks, active and passive recreational spaces, more urban plazas, productive community-led commercial operations within open space.

Central Park Terraces

The Central Park Terraces will be the main civic open space activity node. It will be a north-facing terraced seating area where people can come to relax and eat their lunch. It will serve as a central meeting point and help people to engage with the central park at the western end.

Metcalfe Park Aus

Central Park Community Space

The Central Park Community Space is focused on providing local residents with shared facilities and the ability to meet with friends and fellow residents of Sleepyhead Estate. The area will include BBQ areas, seating, flexible spaces for events and play equipment. It will have a direct relationship with the community, the buildings to the south and be an asset for the whole community.

AMBY masterplan

North Park - Sports Fields and Skate Park

North Park has an active recreation focus. It will include sports fields and other community facilities. It will provide seating, drinking fountains and a public toilet block to serve as the heart of activity within the community. Saturday sports matches and after-school half-court basketball games will all be catered for. Getting people out and active is key to healthy individuals, families and communities.


‘The Grounds’ Community Gardens & Market Kitchen

The purpose of The Grounds is two-fold, firstly to provide healthy, fresh and local produce for the community and secondly, to provide a community-owned commercial operation to provide jobs and income for community projects and services. The Grounds will be market-garden focused on growing a diverse range of organic seasonal produce. It is an opportunity for activities such as community composting initiatives and pick your own fruit and veges. It will also offer a way to educate people on healthy lifestyles while providing quality produce.

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Eastern Play Space

The Eastern Play Space will be a community playground with a focus on free play and bespoke play equipment. It will also include seating areas for parents and will be connected to the wider path network.

Bee Keeping Residents e

Production Park

Production Park is another opportunity for a community-led commercial operation. While ‘The Grounds’ is more focused on produce, ‘Production Park’ will have more of a hands-off focus with potential enterprises such as bee keeping, orchards, the growing of seedlings for firewood and alternative opportunities. There will be a strong education focus, as well as an intention to be commercially viable. Both the produce from The Grounds and the products from Production Park can be sold on-site and at the community corner shop.

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