A mixture of freestanding and attached homes will offer a diverse range of housing choice at a range of affordability levels.
One of the underlying design principles of Sleepyhead Estate is to deliver affordable housing
Street Network Residential

Housing Typologies and Affordability

A range of housing typologies, including attached and stand-alone homes on varying lot sizes, will create choice and offer various levels of affordability for people of varying economic means. A large proportion of homes is envisaged to be in the more affordable range.

Affordable and High Quality Homes

Innovative ownership models and prefabricated construction techniques will also be explored to improve affordability, without compromising quality. Intergenerational housing will also be explored, as will the ability for people to downsize or upsize, dependent upon their current life stage.

Masterplan Rev N Reduced

The Masterplan

The Masterplan Report has been prepared to help advance the project and to create the vision for Sleepyhead Estate.
The Masterplan

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