The existing dairy farm has poor ecological value with very little habitat for flora or fauna beyond grass and livestock. This project creates new opportunities for ecological enhancement, primarily in public parks and throughout the streets.
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Eco Sanctuary and Boardwalk

Creating and enhancing habitats

The ecological enhancement will include the creation of habitat for birds, insects and potentially mammals while increasing the biodiversity of native flora on-site, through extensive and varied plantings and re-vegetation. The stormwater and ecological systems will be paired so that habitat for aquatic species is also created and improved upon.

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Isthmus Kopupaka Reserve

Building an ecological corridor

The site sits between dispersed areas of vegetation that loosely connect the Hunua Ranges and Pirongia Forest, delivering the opportunity to create another stepping stone for birds and animals to travel along this ecological corridor. Large tracts of wetland will be created – excellent habitat for bird life – and will extend the functionality of the DOC Reserve located around Lake Rotokawau.

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Hassett Park Gollings

An asset for the community

Large wetlands will have a network of paths, seating areas and activity nodes to ensure they are an asset for the community. There will be a combination of open water areas and heavily planted banks and wetland treatment areas. Boardwalks and small bridges will be used to cross very wet areas and the whole system will be integrated with recreationally-focused areas.

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