The mix of commercial development includes light industry, factory outlet stores, a service centre, community facilities (including a community hall), a corner shop and market garden with cafe.
Multiple commercial opportunities have been proposed to provide development opportunities and further choice for people living in Sleepyhead Estate
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Community Facilities

Community facilities include a community hall, a corner shop and market garden with cafe. Additional community spaces are located throughout the residential area to ensure all residents have easy access to high amenity facilities and open spaces.

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Service Centre

The service centre is to include a truck stop and convenience retail for motorists passing through – and for the benefit of the local community. The service centre will have its own vehicle entry and exit, with trucks being separated from private motor vehicles.


Community Gardens & Market Kitchen

The Grounds is a parcel of land set aside for community use, not too dissimilar to the allotments found in the UK. The purpose of The Grounds is two-fold – firstly, to provide healthy, fresh and local produce for the community and secondly, to provide a community-owned commercial operation providing jobs and income for community projects and services.

Bee Keeping Residents e

Production Park

Production Park is another opportunity for a community-led commercial operation. While ‘The Grounds’ is more focussed on produce, ‘Production Park’ will have more of a hands-off focus with multiple potential enterprises such as beekeeping, orchards and growing of seedlings for firewood and alternative opportunities.

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The Masterplan

The Masterplan report has been prepared to help advance the project and to create the vision for Sleepyhead Estate.
The Masterplan

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