Sleepyhead Estate will act as an industrial hub for Huntly and will provide much needed social and economic support for the district.
Sleepyhead Estate will provide opportunities for medium to large businesses, including rail siding access and flexible lot options
rail siding

Industrial Rail Siding

The Comfort Group requires direct access to the rail siding. This facilitates cargo to be loaded and unloaded directly from the train into their facility. Additional public access to the rail siding is provided, as some light industrial lots have direct rail siding access, fronting onto Balemi Road. These lots are well suited for storage yards, or for smaller industrial operators.

Industrial lots

Industrial Land & 'Flexilots'

The light industrial area consists primarily of three large ‘super’ blocks. Each of these three large blocks has been subdivided into lots of approximately 5,000m2. These can be amalgamated, dependent upon the individual tenant/owner needs and will function as ‘flexilots’.

Masterplan Rev N Reduced

The Master Plan

The masterplan report has been prepared to help advance the project and to create a vision for Sleepyhead Estate.
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